Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Please volunteer - there's no Blue Wave without you

Please volunteer - there's no Blue Wave without you.

Date and time: from now until Nov. 6 - the clock is ticking
Location: from your own home, or many potential locations

We're less than a month away from a historically important election.  On Tuesday, November 6, if we work very hard and we're very lucky, Democrats can gain control of the US House of Representatives and the NY State Senate, maybe even the US Senate, and put the brakes on the radical, extremist GOP administration.  I don't think it's useful today to discuss the consequences if this doesn't happen.  What's urgently important right now is whether you can find some time to join me in volunteering on some campaigns. I hope you can.  

Volunteering for campaigns has gotten much easier in recent years.  You can travel within NYC, or nearby, to knock on doors for candidates - the traditional method.  There are events where you can meet up with other campaigners, and make phone calls or send texts to voters together.  Or you can make phone calls and send texts from home on your own schedule. (I'm sending texts.)  You can contact a candidate of your choice and see what they're doing, or visit the campaign groups listed below, and see what options appeal to you.   Post a comment or contact me directly if you have any questions or thoughts.
Please share this with your contacts

Thanks! - Dan

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