Thursday, January 2, 2014

Monthly Resilience Film Screenings in LIC Start on Jan. 13

Monthly Green Film Screenings in LIC to Promote
Resilience and Neighborhood Action

A unique series of monthly free film screening events is taking place this year at eco-cafe Coffeed in LIC.  Films about our interwoven environmental, energy and economic challenges will be followed by facilitated discussion among audience members.  It follows a successful initial run of threefilms in September 2013

The events are organized by Dan Miner, familiar to the Queens business community as the former SVP of Long Island City Partnership - but also a longtime environmental activist. 
Now working as District Manager at Manhattan Community Board 6, Miner's volunteer projects are Resilience NYC Meetup,, and

Miner invites neighbors and western Queens civic leaders to Coffeed on the second Mondays of the month from January to June at 7 PM.   Coffeed, at 37-18 Northern Blvd., LIC, NY 11101, downstairs from the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm, is providing free coffee and home-baked pastries for the events. Following the free video screenings, neighbors can explore sustainability and resilience responses in a facilitated group discussion. A resource guide with existing programs will be provided.

"NYC has to adapt to long-term climate change while working to slow it down, and at the same time build resilience for increasingly frequent extreme weather events.  This is not just a job for the de Blasio Administration.  Many initiatives can build resilience, cut carbon emissions, save money and create local jobs, all at the same time. Raising public awareness about our environmental, energy and economic challenges can tap into the creativity of all New Yorkers, and especially our business community and civic groups," said Miner. 

January 13 - Do The Math. Climate scientists have measured the carbon in fossil fuel supplies still to be burned and the consequences if it is all used.  This film features the movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis, and promote a global power shift to clean energy. (42 minutes)

February 10 - The Crash Course.
Our economy, energy systems and environment are interdependent and will face increasing challenges as we meet limits of finite natural resources.  Presented in a clear and factual way.   (45 minutes)

April 14 - Crisis of Civilization.
This dark comedy documentary connects the dots between global crises. It combines archival film clips and animations with detailed analysis and specific positive options to transform systems. Watch it free online. (80 minutes)

May 12 - Passive House Revolution. Much of our energy is used to heat and cool buildings
.   Those designed with the new Passive House standard use 80% less energy than average, compared to 15-40% reductions with Energy Star & LEED standards.  We have 116 million existing homes to retrofit.  (45 minutes)

June 9 - In Transition 2.0. Inspiring stories of Transition initiatives around the world, responding to uncertain times with creativity, solutions and engaged optimism. Projects include growing food, localizing economies and setting up community power stations.
(50 minutes)

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